Texas License To Carry Classes



Great class, very informative. Learned a great deal of information. Mr. Luna is a great instructor.

Mack Kirby
2016 Class

Bobby and his staff were awesome! Very informative and interactive class. From the shooting range to the classroom there was a high degree of professionalism with just enough humor to keep you laughing and interested. I would recommend this class to anyone!

Ellen Startz Huber
January 30, 2016

I was referred to Bobby Luna's program by my Employer who was a student of his about 3 years ago, and after my experience with him and his crew at the Range. I know I'll be referring everyone I know!!! His staff was very professional and were there to help anyone who needed it. The classroom part of the day was filled with Knowledge and there was never a dull moment. Bobby Luna sure knows his stuff and did a great job at not just explaining things but also painting the picture!! Thank you again Bobby Luna.

Adam Guerra
December 5, 2015

The information was presented in a comfortable make sure you understand the importance of the laws. And what it takes to protect yourself and your family. Bobby is a knowledgeable instructor. That in my opinion offers a grand opportunity to provide improvement on skills and training. THANK YOU CAPTION LUNA

Bo Huneycutt
November 22, 2015

Great CHL class. If you want a CHL this is the man to talk to great range. Great and enjoyable class time. 1st class operation!

Paul Campbell
February 6, 2016

I participated in one of Bobby's LTC classes and was very pleased with the amount of professionalism and how thorough Bobby and his staff were. He answered any questions the group had and was very knowledgeable on the subject. I felt comfortable knowing that I had the knowledge and understanding to carry my handgun after leaving Bobby's class. Thanks again!

Haiden James Mensik
January 9, 2016